$1.50 - $8.50

Bundle of Adventuria Brand Stickers! I'll add flavor text when I feel like it.

Maple Leaf Stickers
2.81" x 3" Vinyl
Green, unripe "Maple Leaf" stickers! Celebrate your customary afternoon pancakes the with these fantastic vinyl die cut stickers in the shape of spicy "Maple" leaves. It's always 4:20 somewhere!

Adventuria Stickers
2" Round Vinyl
Cover everything with our band logo and make us mega famous!

Holographic Waffle (Silver and Gold, just like the Christmas song)
3" Round Holographic
We didn't make them blue. Guess why.

Eggplant Man Stickers
2.01" x 3" Vinyl

....Or, buy the whole bundle for 50 cents less!

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